Pokémon GO v0.229.1 (Teleport/Joystick & More)

Pokémon GO v0.229.1 (Teleport/Joystick & More)


Pokémon GO Mod APK:

  • Teleport
  • Joystick
  • Favorites
  • Enhanced Throw
  • Encounter/Inventory IV
  • Caught Preview
  • Tap to Walk/Teleport
  • 100 IV Feed
  • Nearby Radar.

Pokémon GO is a GPS game where players will encounter different Pokémon and capture it to complete the Pokédex. With a huge number of Pokémon, you can't miss an encounter with them. At the same time, power competitions always happen and push players to participate.

Join the new season with impressive events

In the new version of Pokémon GO, players will usher in a brand new season called Season of Heritage, each season has different features to urge players to experience. In addition to this season's new rewards, you'll find ongoing events like the Stardust Challenge. You will need to collect some of these stardust items to receive items corresponding to each milestone.

The journey of becoming a player trainer

When you experience Pokémon GO, you will eventually be able to become a trainer and have the opportunity to face many different types of Pokémon. Also, this is a GPS game, so you need an internet connection and GPS for this game to work. You'll see what Pokémon look like, and your job is to catch them by throwing Poke Balls at them. Depending on your luck, you'll find some rare Pokémon like Dratini.

The way to catch these Pokémon is simple when you see them through the screen and Pokémon Balls. You need to slide this ball to fly towards the Pokémon in front of you. At the same time, this operation is sometimes complicated in the first experience.

When you enter the world of Pokémon GO, you are sure to be impressed by Pokémons, which are divided into many different types, types and stars. You'll also find a counter attribute feature between different Pokémon, perfect for the matches you come across.

One thing any trainer wants when experiencing this game is the variety of Pokémon you can catch. Your journey will be long because of their large numbers, and every time you catch one, you'll see updated Pokédex data. Therefore, updating as many Pokémon as possible has always been a trainer's dream, which can help them diversify their combat abilities in different types of battles.

Enhance your Pokémon and push them to evolve

After catching a Pokémon, you'll gain a certain amount of experience and items that you can use on future visits. At the same time, the experience you find in the game is finding and catching the Pokémon you want, thus diversifying the team. Of course, when encountering a powerful enemy, you also need to have the corresponding strength, and will use items such as candy to increase the strength of your teammates.

When you access any Pokémon's information in Pokémon GO, you'll find the resources you need to progress to the next level. Of course, if your teammates can evolve, then below the next level of resources, that's the amount you need to spend to evolve. Of course, you'll see impressive evolutionary cutscenes that your teammates have. So when the power is ready, you will confidently fight many different types of Pokemon.

Overcome powerful Pokémon

You can find many types of matches, such as gym battles, and even a chance to face legends. Specifically, for gym matches, you'll face completely different opponents and keep launching powerful attacks until one of them is defeated. Also, if your Pokémon is defeated, you'll see another spawn, and the battle results will also show how ready you are in the game.

Another game you can't ignore is the Raid, which can be considered the most attended game for a number of reasons. The most crucial reason is that they have the opportunity to face off against the legendary Pokémon, and the mechanic to catch the mythical target is only present in this mechanism. At the same time, you also need to have raid pass and your friends to complete this battle. Of course, you won't miss the moment the raid starts.

When you look at the world of Pokémon through this game, you'll love it because:

  • You have the opportunity to see many different types of Pokémon, and catch them if you wish.
  • The amount of data in Pokédex is huge, and someone must want to collect as many Pokémon as possible.
  • The combat system and power-ups are totally intriguing to players, as you will decide the progression of your Pokémon power-ups on your own.
  • Each Pokémon has different attributes and evolutions that can fascinate any player.
  • You'll always have the chance to face new Legendary Pokémon and rewards in the newly updated season.

Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

FAQs Những câu hỏi thường gặp

Cách cài đặt Pokémon GO v0.229.1 (Teleport/Joystick & More)

1. Gỡ bỏ apps hoặc game trên máy (nếu có)
2. Cài tệp tin APK vừa tải về.
3. Nếu có file OBB. Giải nén copy và dán theo dường dẫn Bộ nhớ trong/Android/obb.

Cách cài đặt game có APK và OBB

1. Tải xuống apk và OBB của trò chơi
2. Giải nén OBB, sao chép thư mục OBB vào đường dẫn "Android / obb". Đường dẫn OBB chính xác sẽ giống như "Android / obb / com.madfingergames.leosystem"
3. Cài đặt tệp APK và chạy

File tải về từ ModGameHay.Com có an toàn không?

Tất nhiên, mọi tệp tin đều được kiểm tra trước khi được upload lên hệ thống. Chúng tôi sử dụng dịch vụ Mediafire để lưu trữ nên đảm bảo mọi tệp tin được chia sẻ lên website là an toàn.

Làm thế nào để tải về?

Bạn chỉ cần đợi vài giây và liên kết tải xuống sẽ xuất hiện.

Link hỏng?

Nếu bạn gặp vấn đề về liên kết ví dụ như tệp không tồn tại, không thể truy cập,...vui lòng báo cáo với quản trị viên.

Tốc độ download chậm?

Dịch vụ lưu trữ mà chúng tôi sử dụng là loại chất lượng cao, chuyên dụng cho việc upload và chia sẻ các tập tin với tốc độ cao và ổn định. Trong trường hợp tốc độ tải về bị chậm, vui lòng kiểm tra băng thông của bạn.

Tệp tin tải về không đúng với mô tả?

Nếu có sự nhầm lẫn giữa mô tả và tệp tin tải về, vui lòng báo lỗi với chúng tôi thông qua mục liên hệ dưới cuối trang.

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