FacePlay v2.8.4 (Premium Unlocked)

FacePlay v2.8.4 (Premium Unlocked)


FacePlay Mod APK:

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • No Watermark.
  • No Ads.

FacePlay is an app that allows you to split your face and comfortably transform into the protagonist of historical, modern or any other movie genre in just a few simple steps on your mobile screen.

Do you want to be a character in a famous movie?

This time, everything seemed to slow down. Even everyday pastimes are made simple and minimal. Time spent at work, family, and other things takes up the whole day. Your mood is also vulnerable to negative outside information if you read indiscriminately. Therefore, entertainment applications that are easy to understand, easy to use, comfortable and fun are becoming a trend. FacePlay is one of the apps that many people follow and share on social networks today. With just a few simple touches, you can really "play" with your face. Let's see!

With FacePlay, you'll be able to stitch your (or someone else's) face into videos available in the app's video store. The types of videos are very diverse, from historical videos, modern videos to super hot dances on TikTok.

Thanks to its proficient use of artificial intelligence technology and becoming a pioneer, FacePlay quickly attracted a large number of users from ordinary people to celebrities in various countries once it was launched. This "reface" process in FacePlay took less than 3 minutes, but the result was the smoothest video ever. This is the number one reason people love this app.

Apps that stick faces on pictures or videos actually already exist. But there aren't many apps that really make up for it on social media. Before, we already knew the explosion of Reface. This year, FacePlay has done the same, with even more potential.

The app uses a technique called DeepFake, which is based on pairing and blending similarities and adding together the differences between two faces: the original and the new. From there, it creates almost flawless natural, flawless photos (or videos). No abnormality can be seen on the grafting point, and the new-faced characters after grafting still move smoothly and their facial expressions are extremely delicate.

DeepFake is based on very modern AI technology, plus some other deep support, so the video after face swap is really vivid. The editing process also happened faster than they had previously known about the face-swapping technique.

How to use

Using FacePlay is really easy, much easier than I thought before downloading. You simply take a photo of your face from a direct angle or download an existing photo from your phone into the app. Then from the main screen you will preview some original video. The videos with the diamond icon in the upper right corner are all paid, the rest are free.

In this library, there are many genres, almost every kind of video we watch regularly: music, fashion, movies, historical movies, dance videos... After you choose a video, you choose your photo, and... etc. Wait. If you charge, it only takes two or three dozen or so to complete a video, while the free version is less than 3 minutes, and you have to watch an ad video.

How do I personally feel about FacePlay and the rumors about it?

Some believe that FacePlay itself, which originated from a software company in China, may have some security issues. Users are at risk of leaking information and facial images.

So far, there are still many different opinions on these apps, especially FacePlay. But honestly, using any app is always a security risk. So it doesn't matter where it came from and how many trials it's been through, what matters is what we use it for and the personal information we declare when we use it.

If you always follow personal safety rules when using mobile apps (don't declare real, overly detailed personal information such as date of birth, mobile number, home address, work email, bank account number...), then others have Opportunity to steal information will never happen. And use FacePlay normally, treat it as a laughing tool, and delete it from your phone, then of course you're safe.

Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

FAQs Những câu hỏi thường gặp

Cách cài đặt FacePlay v2.8.4 (Premium Unlocked)

1. Gỡ bỏ apps hoặc game trên máy (nếu có)
2. Cài tệp tin APK vừa tải về.
3. Nếu có file OBB. Giải nén copy và dán theo dường dẫn Bộ nhớ trong/Android/obb.

Cách cài đặt game có APK và OBB

1. Tải xuống apk và OBB của trò chơi
2. Giải nén OBB, sao chép thư mục OBB vào đường dẫn "Android / obb". Đường dẫn OBB chính xác sẽ giống như "Android / obb / com.madfingergames.leosystem"
3. Cài đặt tệp APK và chạy

File tải về từ ModGameHay.Com có an toàn không?

Tất nhiên, mọi tệp tin đều được kiểm tra trước khi được upload lên hệ thống. Chúng tôi sử dụng dịch vụ Mediafire để lưu trữ nên đảm bảo mọi tệp tin được chia sẻ lên website là an toàn.

Làm thế nào để tải về?

Bạn chỉ cần đợi vài giây và liên kết tải xuống sẽ xuất hiện.

Link hỏng?

Nếu bạn gặp vấn đề về liên kết ví dụ như tệp không tồn tại, không thể truy cập,...vui lòng báo cáo với quản trị viên.

Tốc độ download chậm?

Dịch vụ lưu trữ mà chúng tôi sử dụng là loại chất lượng cao, chuyên dụng cho việc upload và chia sẻ các tập tin với tốc độ cao và ổn định. Trong trường hợp tốc độ tải về bị chậm, vui lòng kiểm tra băng thông của bạn.

Tệp tin tải về không đúng với mô tả?

Nếu có sự nhầm lẫn giữa mô tả và tệp tin tải về, vui lòng báo lỗi với chúng tôi thông qua mục liên hệ dưới cuối trang.

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